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Talktoihop International House of Pancakes is abbreviated as IHOP. This restaurant was founded and opened by Al and Jerry in Los Angeles, California in the year 1958. It is now owned by Dine Brands Global and it is headquartered in California. IHOP is a multinational American pancake house and fast food restaurant chain which is popular for making pancakes and breakfast foods. The restaurant also provides lunch and dinner food items. At present, there are a thousand six hundred and fifty restaurants under IHOP Restaurant Breakfast all around the country and the world. This makes the restaurant as one of the leading breakfast restaurant chains in the world.

This family restaurant also creates an awesome ambiance for the customers to enjoy and have food there. The International House of Pancakes owned the leading restaurant Applebee’s Grill and Bar restaurant in the year 2017. The significant goal of the IHOP restaurant is to put a smile on the faces of all their customers. And it is to be noted that the Gift Giving is overrated in this family restaurant. | Take Official iHop Survey | Win $4 Off or Pancakes Coupon

For a huge and popular restaurant like IHOP, customer feedback is a crucial factor in order to make improvements in their services. For this purpose, the restaurant conducts a guest survey for all of its customers. Talktoihop is developed by the IHOP restaurant and it is their official portal that records customer feedback. TalktoiHop survey can be called the promotional campaign that is being carried out by the IHOP restaurant to understand the demands of its customers. The survey will have a series of questionnaires and the customers will have to answer them and record their feedback. This legal talktoihop guest experience survey is done to improve the restaurant’s menu and services depending on the customers’ feedback and opinions. Anyone attending the survey is eligible to win a free Buttermilk Pancake or an offer of $4 on your next purchase.

TalktoiHop Survey Rules & Eligibility

  • In order to get yourself to participate in the survey, you should have made a purchase in the IHOP Restaurant. Only then you will get a receipt from the outlet with which you can enter the survey.
  • Make sure to keep the receipt safe.
  • You should take up the online TalktoiHop survey after within days of receiving the receipt.
  • Also, make sure that the code in the receipt is redeemed within 30 days
  • You should necessarily need to be a resident of the United States and should have crossed the age of 18.

Steps to join the talktoihop survey

The customer should complete the following steps in order to participate in the survey.

  • Make a purchase at the IHOP restaurant- Before you take the survey; it is necessary that you make a purchase of any food item from the IHOP restaurant and then you will receive a receipt from the outlet.
  • Go to the official talktoihop website. The details of the link are given in the following texts. Answer the questions in the survey.
  • After answering the survey questions you will be asked to leave your feedback and your suggestions in the survey which may include complaints or suggestions. After having done this, you will receive a validation code that you can avail of at your next experience.
  • Now enter the validation code that is provided on the receipt should be entered at the end of the survey. Take the receipt to the IOP outlet to get it redeemed.

www.TalkToihop.Com Survey Prizes

It is actually a cakewalk to take up the IHop survey. You would not need much time to do this survey. You can complete the survey within a few minutes. After having done with the survey, you can win a free stack of buttermilk pancakes and an offer of 4$ on your next purchase.

The Process of Taking The TalktoiHop Guest Survey

  • First of all, take breakfast or a meal or a coffee at IHop Restaurant.
  • You should keep the receipt safe.
  • You will have to visit the official website of the IHOP restaurant within 3 days of making the payment on your purchase.
  • You will be asked to enter the 13 digit survey code in the corresponding field. You will also be asked to fill the details of the time of the visit and server ID from the receipt in the respective fields.
  • Now, click the start button.
  • Answer all the questionnaires in the next step.
  • After the completion of the IHOP survey, you will receive a validation code.
  • The validation code on the receipt must be entered in the respective space.
  • When you visit the IHOP restaurant for the next time, take the receipt which has got the validation code on it so that you can redeem the prize. You will be rewarded with an offer of $4 on your purchase or a free buttermilk pancake.
  • So, you will be able to redeem any one of the prizes mentioned above.

Note: Make sure to take up the TalktoiHop Guest Survey within the 3 days from your purchase. Also, the code should be validated within 30 days.

IHop Contact Details

You can contact the IHOP restaurant via the following phone number.

Phone Number: 1 (866) 444-5144.

IHOP Survey Website Links

  1. The official website via which you can take the TalktoiHop Survey is
  2. You can also take the talktoihop survey in Spanish via the website given below, Spanish Survey Website:
  3. If you want to get the free pancakes, then you can join the IHOP Pancake Revolution at and you will get a pancake or free birthday meal.
  4. The official website of the IHOP Restaurant is

Other IHOP Offers

Purpose of conducting the talktoihop survey

The survey should be conducted so that the company receives the following benefits:

  • By doing so, the company can attract more consumers and they can create additional traffic on the website as well. The promotional codes with some discounts on the products attract more buyers to the restaurant and also attract more people to the website. This will create more traffic on the website.
  • IHOP can acquire the suggestions from the customers to develop a database of the customers who are more into the promo codes, products, and the services that are provided by the IHOP.
  • The offers and the discounts that are provided by the IHOP coupons draw the attention of new customers to their restaurant. This will increase the business of the company.

Conclusion of talktoihop 

As mentioned earlier talktoihop is an online official portal of IHOP restaurant which records customer complaints and suggestions. The service is developed in favor of the customers to understand the requirements of the customer and to rectify as well as to improve on the shortcomings in the services and products. The talktoihop survey can be attended online on its official website and application. Make sure you take up the survey to avail of the amazing rewards.

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