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Rue21 Survey developed the Rue21 Customer Experience Survey, which is available at, to measure your inner feelings and satisfaction with their products and services. If you participate in the Rue21 Online Survey, you will be able to provide honest feedback, and Rue21 will recognize both the positive and negative elements of your replies in order to discover “what works and what doesn’t.”Participating in the Rue21 Customer Survey will assist them in growing even further and providing you with a better experience the next time you visit. Thank you for participating in this debate and taking the time to do so. You will be placed into a drawing for Rue21 Coupons as Rue21 Rewards once you have finished the Rue21 Customer Satisfaction Survey.

Check out this page for more information about the Rue21 Feedback Survey, including its rules, restrictions, and requirements, as well as Rue21 Rewards, so you can join without difficulty.

It makes no difference whether your feedback is good or negative; what matters is that it is honest and constructive criticism.

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Rue21 Survey

Prizes for completing the Rue21 Guest Satisfaction Survey

Rue21 shows its appreciation for its customers by providing Rue21 Coupons. Once you have completed the Rue21 Guest Opinion Survey, you will be given the Rue21 Promo Code, which will allow you to receive a $25 discount on your next visit to Rue21Once the Rue21 Guest Opinion Survey has been completed and verified by Rue21, you will be rewarded with the Rue21 Promo Code.

What your “Survey Reward” will be is totally dependent on what is displayed on your survey receipt. As a result, double-check your receipt for any errors or omissions before signing it.

Participation in a survey is subject to certain rules and requirements.

  • For further information on how to fill out the Ross Survey and become eligible.
  • Please see the guidelines and requirements given below.
  • Those who are 18 years old or older are eligible to enter, with the exception of representatives, their immediate family members, and specialists from the Ross Store who are not eligible to enter.
  • In order to participate in the survey, you must have a valid Ross–Dress For Less purchase receipt or survey invitation card in your possession at the time of participation.
  • Use of a device from the Laptop/PC/Smartphone family that has a strong web connection is required in order to complete the task.
  • It is necessary to have to know English or Spanish.
  • Individual participants in the sweepstakes are only entitled to submit a single entry per month, up to a maximum of one submission per participant per month.
  • It is not possible to transfer prizes; they must be received in the manner in which they are given to the winner.
  • It is the winner’s obligation to pay any and all fees and charges that may be incurred as a result of the contest.
  • Complete the survey before the time restriction for the sweepstakes expires to be eligible.

What You’ll Need to Do to Participate in the Rue21 Guest Feedback Survey

  • To participate, go to, which is the website for the Rue21 Customer Feedback Survey.
  • Pick a day and time for your visit and stick to it.
  • In the correct fields on your receipt, enter the store no, transaction no, and register no which were printed on the bill
  • To proceed, select your age and type the captcha into the box exactly as it appears on the screen.
  • From the drop-down option, select SUBMIT as the action.
  • Assuming you have a current understanding of the visit, please score your overall happiness with the appointment.
  • To advance, press the NEXT button on your keyboard.
  • In a straightforward manner, respond to all of the survey questions on a scale ranging from satisfied to dissatisfied, and then press the NEXT button.
  • Ordinarily, the questions are about your visit and purchase, the friendliness of the personnel, the efficiency with which clients are served, the air quality, and the services.
  • Submit your comments in your own words using the feedback form on the website.
  • Before being considered for the sweepstakes, you must provide your personal information, which includes details like your name, mailing address, phone number (with area code), and email address, after completing and submitting the survey.
  • For the survey to be completed, click on the Next button.
  • If you complete the survey by the end of the month and are chosen as the lucky winner of the monthly reward, you will earn an entry into the Rue21 Sweepstakes. To enter, simply click here.

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Rue21 customer service can be reached by calling

rue21 customer service

 +1(866) 533-4783 (toll-free)


Everything you need to know about taking part in the rue 21 jeans can be found at, which I have provided in the instructions below.

If you have completed the Rue21 Customer Opinion Survey as well as read this post, I hope you have been successful in your endeavors and that you have been awarded the Rue21 Coupons. However, if you have any issues or concerns about this poll, please let us know by leaving a comment below. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your time. Thank you for taking the time to read this. Thank you for reading this and taking the time to do so.

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