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Perkins Experiencesurvey: Perkins is one of the American restaurant chains that was formed in the year 1958. In the beginning, it was initiated as Perkins Pancake House in Cincinnati, Ohio in the year 1958. The restaurant chain was founded by Matt and Evan Perkins. It provides various types of snacks and pastries to the customers. Later in the year of 1960, Wyman Nelson took this business of Perkins in the form of franchise.

He inaugurated one franchise in Minnesota and then he added some more items to update the existing menu. Nelson still wanted to get his business expanded, and so, he merged Perkins and Smitty’s and named the restaurant as Perkins “Cake & Steak.” Perkins is headquartered currently at Memphis, Tennessee in the USA. The Perkins restaurant celebrated its 60th anniversary in the year of 2018.

Perkins Experiencesurvey – | Perkins Guest Experience Survey

Perkins Feedback Survey Prizes Prize | Perkins Experiencesurvey

The participants attending the Perkins Feedback Survey will be offered a 10% offer coupon. This 10% offer coupon can be used during your next purchase. For some items like kids’ items, 55+ menu, Bakery to go, and Great Plates, this 10% offer coupon cannot be used. It is also to be noted that this offer is not applicable to the employees of Perkins Restaurant & Bakery. This coupon can be used only for once in a month.

Rules & Eligibility Of Perkins Feedback Survey

  • A purchase of any item from the restaurant is mandatory to take part in the survey. Only if you make a purchase at the restaurant the survey will be considered eligible.
  • The receipt should be used within 3 days from purchase.
  • The participant of the survey should be of the age of 18 years or more than that. Anyone below 18 years is not eligible to attend the survey.
  • The customers can get only one coupon in a month.
  • As said earlier, for some items like kids’ items, 55+ menu, Bakery to go, and Great Plates, this 10% offer coupon is not applicable.
  • People who are in direct link with the Perkins store like employees of Perkins, family members of the employees, brand sponsors, affiliates, subsidiaries, and advertising agencies are strictly not eligible to attend the survey. Neither can their relatives or neighbors can take part in the survey.
  • The receipt cannot be transferred to someone else.
  • You should have knowledge of English in order to attend the survey.
  • You should possess a PC or a smartphone with internet access.
  • The participant should be a legal resident of the United States of America or Canada. Otherwise, you cannot attend the survey.
  • The receipt and survey code is mandatory in order to get the discount mentioned on the coupon.
  • This coupon cannot be used with the other stores’ offers.
  • The entry model for this survey is strictly online.

How To Take The Perkins Guest Experience Survey?

  1. First of all, go to the nearest Perkins outlet and make a purchase of any of the food items.
  2. The sales receipt is the main need to take part in the survey and so keep it with you safely.
  3. Now, go to the official website of the Perkins store and make an attempt to answer all the questionnaires.
  4. At last, upon the completion of the survey, you will receive a 10% offer coupon as soon as you complete the survey.

Homepage Of Www.Perkinsexperience.Com

The Perkins Guest Experience Survey homepage will have a blank field for you to enter your 15 digit survey code that is mentioned on the sales receipt. As soon as you enter the 15 digit survey code, you will be taken to the survey page after clicking the start button.

Why Does Perkins Restaurant Conduct The Perkins Work Experience Survey?

The customer is the primary concern for every business firm. Perkins has found a new way in order to get in touch with its regular customers so as to give the customers a chance to share their views and express their ideas about the company’s services. The restaurant will give a set of questions mostly concerned with its service, quality of food, quality of services, the taste of the foods, and certain other factors. Moreover, the restaurant is keen to know how the customers feel about the cleanliness and hygiene of the restaurant, the behavior of the employees, the price of the items, and etcetera. For this reason, the Perkins store is conducting the Perkins Guest Experience Survey. The reviews from the customers are also said to add up to the reputation of the restaurant. And then the restaurant can make changes in the menu, improve the quality of the food, and train its staff in order to give a better service.

The Official Links Of Perkins Customer Experience Survey

  1. You can take up the survey by visiting the official website at
  2. The rules of the Perkins guest satisfaction survey can be read at

Perkins Customer Service Number

The participants can reach out to the store by contacting the customer care at 1-800-225-5939.

Perkins Hours Of Operation

The Perkins restaurant usually works during the following hours and the timing may vary depending on the location. Also, it should be noted that these timings might vary on a few specific holidays.

Monday           -8 AM – 8 PM

Tuesday          -8 AM – 8 PM

Wednesday    -8 AM – 8 PM

Thursday        -8 AM – 8 PM

Friday             -8 AM – 8 PM

Saturday         -8 AM – 9 PM

Sunday           -8 AM – 9 PM

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Conclusion Of Perkins Experience survey

Perkins Survey is one of the ways to get a great chance of winning a 10% offer coupon. You can make plans to dine with your friends and family members at the Perkins restaurant so that you can enjoy the discount mentioned on the bill.

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