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Marshallsfeedback: Marshalls Customer Survey, Marshalls Inc. is an incorporation that deals with apparel, home accessories, fashions, and anything related to these fields of living. It’s basically a chain of American Fashion Retail outlets and of Departmental stores, in the United States and has a huge reputation which makes it stand next to TJ Maxx, its sister company. It was first founded in Canada, during the year 2011, with the slogan, “Your surprise is Waiting & Never Boring, Always Surprising”, and since then it has been the second-largest retailer in the United States for fashion, apparels, and others.

The connected departmental stores are called Marshalls Mega Stores which comes around 1000. Marshalls Inc. is the second-largest company in American because it is present in over 42 states of the US and around 61 stores in Canada, which makes it a huge performing company.

This article will bring light on the survey Marshalls Inc. is conducting.


Each line of Marshalls Inc. has its own feedback survey links. However, being in the fashion industry it does make it a compulsory action for Marshalls Inc. to conduct regular surveys to understand the behavior of their market and of their employees as well. The steps involved in the process of taking part in this survey are very basic.

All you have to do is to go to their official survey link where ratings can be made depending on your satisfaction with their products. You should also be answering a few questions or attempting to answer the questionnaire with fair and valid answers. The official website for taking up this survey:

There are also prizes for those who take up this survey and the prize is ‘Marshall’s sweepstakes entry’ and also a Marshalls Gift card worth $500, which can be used while purchasing.

The entry period for this survey happens every month, starting from the first date until its last date. Therefore, a user has all the time in the year to take part in this survey and that too from anywhere in the world as this is an online survey. Let us understand this survey even better.


The term ‘Guest’ infers that the user is not a registered member of Marshalls and that they are just a one-time user. In such cases, there are a few changes that happen to the feature and the nature of how this survey can be taken and how it can be done.

  • Most importantly, there is no need for the user to make a purchase. They can just take up the survey.
  • This survey can be attempted through mail or through online means.
  • It is mandatory that the user should be more than 18 years of age to take this survey.
  • The prize that the user will receive after finishing their survey is a “Marshalls Sweepstakes Entry.”
  • After taking part in the Sweepstakes, they can win $500 worth Marshall’s Gift Card.
  • However, only 12 final winners will receive this prize.
  • It is also important to note that from a single household, only one member can participate in this survey in one month.

These are the basic requirements and rules that a guest user has to follow while taking up this survey. If any of these rules are violated, then it will lead to disqualification or invalid entry.


Unlike those guest users, regular users have to have the following factors before taking up this feedback survey:

  • A smart device that can be connected to the internet is required. It can either be a computer, a smartphone, a tablet, or even a laptop.
  • A well-functioning and connecting Wi-Fi connection are required because without the internet the survey cannot be carried out. It’s an online survey, do not forget that.
  • In order to prove that you are a customer at Marshalls, you need to have an official receipt from Marshalls Inc. This is mainly to carry out a valid marketing survey.
  • It is also important, in fact, compulsory to know/ be fluent in either English or Spanish to take up this survey.
  • Only those who are residing in the US or in Puerto Rico can take part in this survey. It is strictly for those residents only.


Just follow these steps correctly so as to make your participation in the survey a valid one. If you do this right, you have a high chance of winning the prizes.

  • Go to their official website
  • Now based on your knowledge of languages, choose if you want the survey to be either in English or in Spanish.
  • Once the language is set, you should now enter your SURVEY NUMBER, then the VERIFICATION CODE (from receipt), and the right TIME, DATE, and other required or asked details.
  • Press START. This will take you to a questionnaire that has to be answered with full sincerity and honesty as these talk about the experience the customer did gain from the store.
  • The main purpose of this survey to get that questionnaire answered which will tell the firm how well it is functioning, its drawbacks and success notes, and also the areas to improve, etc. This is important for growth and development as well.
  • Now once you are done with the questionnaire you can enter the Sweepstake for free. By taking part in his sweepstake you throw yourself a great chance of winning $500 worth Gift card from Marshalls.


It is best advised to keep the following things in mind while taking up the Marshalls Feedback Survey:

  • The official webpage for this survey is and this webpage requires 2 things to be in place and they are: i) the JavaScript has to be updated/be up-to-date and ii) the Cookies for this survey should be enabled.
  • It is best advised to understand the rules and regulations of the Marshalls SweepStakes in its official website. This has to be seen and read before taking part in the survey.
  • Make sure that the invitation code you received is used within 30 days of receiving it as after 30 days, the code will expire. Therefore, take part in the survey within 30 days.

These are some of the basic connotations or points that one has to remember about this feedback survey. Make sure to follow and obey all of them.


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In case of any query related to this feedback survey, you can reach out to Marshalls Inc. at any time, from anywhere, using the following contact details.

Surveys are a great means to connect and interact with customers. It is only through these surveys that any form can understand the real Marshallsfeedback of their customers and can also understand how efficient and effective their company is performing, including their workforce. Therefore, as a means of promoting many to take up this survey, these companies offer various rewards and prizes. On the whole, these surveys do not harm anybody instead they only benefit both the customers and the firm. Take up this survey in the best and honest way possible and make sure you encourage others to do it as well. In case of any other query or if you want to take up another different survey, feel free to visit us again.

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