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Kohls Feedback: Departmental stores are a great means of selling various products under one roof, making it easy for the customers to get what they need and want. One such popular departmental store in the U.S. is KOHL’S. Kohl’s first grocery store was established by Maxwell Kohl at Milwaukee, Wisconsin, during the year 1927. In 1962, the first departmental store was established under the same name, KOHL’S. Since 1962, Kohl’s has been functioning tremendously, attracting almost half of the population to its market. It deals with products like toys, furniture, footwear, home décor, clothing/apparel, electronics, and appliances.

Kohl’s being the second largest and biggest departmental store in the U.S. it is also one of the stores that make a lot of turn-over / revenue in a single year. However, the success of this firm relates to its employees and other stakeholders and also to the efficient functioning of the firm. In order to understand their customers better.

Kohl’s is conducting an online customer feedback survey called KOHLSLISTENS at www.kohlslistens.com about which this article will brief you about.

kohls feedback – www.kohlsfeedback.com | Take Kohls Survey ― Get 20% Gift Coupon

Kohl’s customer survey enables the customers to express their opinions and feedback freely and at the same time, it also helps the firm to get connected with its customers on a close level. This feedback ensures that through interactions, development and growth are both possible. Here are a few basic details about this survey, which you should be aware before taking up this survey:

  • You need to make sure that you are a person who is more than 18 years of age, if in case you are planning to take up the survey.
  • You have to mandatorily make a purchase before taking the survey.
  • The only way through which you can participate in this survey is through its online medium, as it is an online survey.
  • Another exciting fact about this survey is about how you will get a chance to win either a gift voucher worth $1000 / a discount of 10% OFF ON COUPONS. These vouchers or coupons can be used at any of the Kohl’s stores.
  • You can shop at any of the Kohl’s store in order to participate in this survey.


Before you take any survey, you ought to follow certain rules and regulations and should also confine to certain eligibility criteria, in order to make sure that your entry is valid. Even for Kohlslistens, there are a few rules and requirements to which you must oblige to, in order to make your participation valid and to also win the gifts.

  • It is important to have a smart device connected to a strong internet connection in order to make sure that your participation in this online survey is uninterrupted.
  • As stated above, you, as a participant in the survey should be 18+ in your age.
  • Only if you are a valid citizen of the United States, you are permitted to take part in the survey.
  • You should also note that the employees and their family members or relatives are not permitted to take part in this survey. If in case they do, it will lead to violation of rules and to other consequences.
  • It will be appropriate if you are fluent either in English or in Spanish or in both, as the survey can be taken up only in these 2 languages.
  • In order to have proof for the purchase you make before taking up the survey, you must have the purchase receipt with you.
  • From the store’s receipt, you will have to enter the CODE in the website to start the survey.
  • You should also note that for a single coupon only a single person can make a valid claim.
  • If in case you get a coupon code, you cannot redeem it for cash, instead you can only use it while you make your next purchase.

These are the basic rules and regulations that you must follow in order to make your survey valid and to also have a great time taking up the survey. It will also be a great day if you win great prizes by just answering questions. Therefore, do the survey the right way and do it right.


The steps involved in taking up this survey are very simple and does not take much time to finish it too. Follow the steps correctly, in the correct order to avoid complications and invalid entries.

  • Go to Kohlslistens’ official survey website @ kohlslistens.com and not to any other website.
  • Now you will have to select the language in which you want the rest of the rest to be. You can choose either English or Spanish.
  • Once the initial entries are over, you will now be directed to a page where you will have to enter the store number printed in your valid purchase receipt. The store number will be of 4 digits. Enter it correctly.
  • After this, you should also enter another code which consists of 16 digits. This will also be printed in your purchase receipt.
  • If the details are all filled properly, then click START to start the survey.
  • Survey is all about you answering a questionnaire that deals with questions related to the products, services offered by Kohl’s and also aspects related to improvement, growth and development.
  • It is important that you give your honest answers as the key role of this survey is to gain as much honest responses from the customers as possible. Therefore, be true to yourself and provide genuine answers.
  • Apart from the answers, you can also leave personal comments in a column allotted for it. Your comments can be about your experience in the store or anything related to it.
  • After you are done answering and commenting, you will now have to provide some personal information about yourself. Certain details like your name, age, background, gender and other details.
  • Once all of this is done, the next thing you should do is to press the HIT option in order to complete the survey. However, make sure your answers, comments and your personal details are error-free and genuine.
  • Congratulations, you have successfully completed your survey. Wait till your gift gets displayed on the screen.
  • If it’s a gift voucher, you can redeem it for cash or can use it while you make another purchase but if it’s a Coupon code then you will have to note it down and use it on your next purchase.


The following questions can be seen as sample questions which will be asked in the survey.

  1. How was the quality of the products bought from Kohl’s?
  2. Rate your total experience in the store outlets.
  3. Was there accuracy in your order placements?
  4. What do you feel about the price of the products?
  5. Are the stores clean and tidy?
  6. Are the staffs well-behaved or are they approachable?
  7. Do you find placing order easy with Kohl’s?

However, all the questions will be related to your purchase in any of the Kohl’s store, which is why it is mandatory for you to make a purchase in any of the Kohl’s store before you take up this survey. Now by answering these questions honestly, it will help the firm understand their positives and negative points and will aim in rectifying their errors which will lead to development and growth.


  • Official homepage of Kohl’s is www.kohls.com
  • In order check their offers, deals and promotions, you can go to https://www.kohls.com/sale-event/coupons-deals.jsp
  • In order to take up the Kohl’s customer survey you should go to www.kohlslistens.com/www.kohlsfeedback.com


OFFICIAL WEBSITE: www.kohls.com

OFFICIAL SURVEY WEBSITE: www.kohlslistens.com

PHONE: 855-564-5705

CUSTOMER CARE WEBSITE: www.corporate.kohls.com

Kohl’s is one of the most renowned departmental stores in America. This survey conducted by them is a great opportunity for the customers to share their feedbacks openly and is also advantageous as they can get a free gift voucher or a coupon code just by giving honest answers. These honest answers, however, help in shaping the future of the firm. Therefore, these customer surveys are a great means to connect to the firm and its customers in a straight level.

Make sure that you participate in this survey, by following the right procedure as these freebies are a means to encourage more customers to send their feedbacks and these surveys are only for a limited period of time. This shows how important surveys are to these big firms. Therefore, do it right and do them right.

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