Every60Seconds.com – Every 60 in XBox Console Or Game

Every60Seconds.com – Every 60 in Xbox Console Or Game

Promotions are a great means of advertising and are also a great method to attract more consumers and attention to a particular idea/product/service. These promotions are of different types including discounts, advertising, gifts, freebies, and many more. One such famous and effective promotion is to be conducted by a team which consists of Mountain Dew, Doritos, and Xbox and about which this article will speak about.


  • ‘Xbox Contest’ basically refers to the prize that the winners can win by participating in the contest conducted by Mountain Dew, Xbox, and Doritos.
  • The prize that the winners will gain is an ‘Xbox One X’.
  • The platform through which the users can participate in this contest is through ‘Every60Seconds.Com’. This is also the name of this promotion.
  • ‘Every60Seconds.Com’ can be used by the participant or users to enter their specific code which will make them a valid participant in this contest. This can be done from anywhere as this is an online portal.
  • ‘Every60Seconds’ is a trustworthy site as this site, as its name suggests, did enable or encourage the distribution of free gifts to winners, every 60 seconds. This brought in a huge hike in the number of participants and was a grand success in 2017.
  • This can also be treated as an online auction.



Here are a few steps that one needs to follow in order to be a valid participant in this contest and also to win free gifts.

  • This is basically about bidding, therefore, in order to start bidding, one needs to buy products of Mountain Dew or/and Doritos. It is also important to note that those products which have a code will also have a special mark on them. That code has to be
  • These collected codes have to be entered in the right forum and also within the right time. The time period within which the participants have to enter their codes at Com is from September 25th to 23rd of October. It is to be noted that each of these codes helps the respective participants to enter into the contest or sweepstakes. This step is called the Bank Codes.
  • As the last and final step to be an active participant in this contest, you need to Bid to Win. Bidding will start from the 8th of November and will run till December 15th. In order to bid one must use the points, they earned from their bank codes. Timings for this auctions stretch from 9.00 am to 9.00 – 11.30 pm. Winners can claim their XBOX ONE X or other gifts. check xbox



  • Codes are found in the product packs of Mountain Dew or Doritos.
  • The codes required to participate in this contest are also found in the packs of ‘Game Fuel Arctic Burst’ and also in ‘Tropical Smash’.
  • Not all products will have the codes. Therefore it is necessary to look for the image or text similar to Forza Motorsport 7 or Middle–earth: Shadow of War.


  • A contest that allows many to participate and also to win a free XBOX is a great and effective way to bring in more prospective customers and not just consumers.
  • The point why Mountain Dew and Doritos are in relation with a gaming company is simply because of the fact that states “that all gamers are addicted to having snacks or at least a drink while playing.” This explains why a soda company, a snack company, and a gaming company are in a team.
  • This contest also encourages many to play and to buy more Mountain Dew and Doritos products.
  • If in case one wins the contest, there develops another great scope of more promotion that the winner will do, which again leads to increased sales.

On the whole, this contest is a great way to connect with a lot of gamers and also with a lot of Mountain Dew and Doritos lovers. This contest is also a trustworthy activity and the conductors are also efficient as many have won their rewards without any complications. However, a new XBOX CONTEST is widely expected but the dates or details regarding it have not yet been released. Therefore stay connected and keep seeing our posts for any further updates.

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