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DQFanSurvey: “Taste the finest desserts and creams from the queen of Dairies.” The world is getting warmer and so are our lives. Just like we take measures to beat the increasing heat, stop the growing heat in your body and do meet the passion for more delicious sweets by tasting the products of Dairy Queen, which includes: Ice creams, desserts, and even milkshakes. But why should do taste Dairy Queen’s products?

Dairy Queen is not just any restaurant but is one of the US’s oldest and famous restaurants which, since 1960 and under the administration of John F. McCullough has been working profoundly and is now one of the largest restaurants. It has around 6800 and even more branches all over the world. The number of branches in the US alone comes around 4455, proving its efficiency and popularity among the Americans and the need for some quality and delicious desserts, creams and shakes of the Americans. It has its first ice-cream parlor in Joliet Illinois but is now available in most parts of the world.

Here’s the test. DQ has decided to conduct an online customer survey in order to understand their reach and performance better, especially in the view-point of their customers, so as to improve and engage more customers and merits while removing and eradicating all of their errors. This is to keep growing and also to maintain its standard consistently.

DAIRY QUEEN CUSTOMER SURVEY @ www.dqfansurvey.com / www.dqfanfeedback.com


DQ, despite being one of the top-notch restaurants in the ice-cream and dessert categories, it still lays its focus mainly on customer satisfaction and on their needs and wants [in the field they handle]. Therefore, this customer survey is very important for the company because of the following objectives.

Objectives of this survey:

  • To understand their customers better, in terms of their preferences and wants.
  • To realize the efficiency of their employers.
  • They also have a return policy that supports returns within 7 days of purchase.
  • To get to know the quality of the services and products offered and produced, respectively.
  • To develop and grow even better by improving the standard of actions. To also establish even more branches and to enhance the performance of each and every one.
  • To enhance their existing customers by listening to their views, both positive and negative ones. Thereby, realizing customer satisfaction which induces even more customers to the store.

Now that you are familiar with why DQ is conducting a customer survey in which you can actually participate and not just participation, you would actually receive a reward in the end, which is the highlighting aspect in this. Once you follow all the rules and regulations and finish your survey in the best and honest way possible, you will be rewarded or acknowledged with a FREE DILLY BAR. Do take up this online customer survey which is called as DQFANSURVEY in their official survey link: www.dqfansurvey.com This is only a short survey which consists of a questionnaire. It will barely take some 3-5 minutes to finish the survey. Once you are done, you can grab a free Dilly Bar form your favourite store. Let’s get to know more about this through this blog.


There are few basic requirements to consider so as to become an eligible person to participate in the survey conducted by DQ and they are:

  • Only the citizens of US or Canada can participate in this survey as DQ is an American company.
  • The minimum age required is 18 years.
  • In terms of language, the survey is framed only in 3 languages and they are English, Spanish and French in which you should be fluent or at least familiar enough to take up the entire survey in it.
  • Unlike other surveys, this survey is an online one and there are no offline surveys. Therefore, it is mandatory to ensure that you have a proper internet connection and a smart device to reach out to the survey via internet.
  • To participate in this survey you should definitely be a customer and as a proof for it, you should have the right and valid purchase receipt [from your last purchase in DQ] in which the survey code, store number and many other important details are listed.
  • The purchase receipt will be valid only for 3 days from the purchase date.

Apart from these basic eligibility requirements, there are other rules and regulations to be noted as well.


Do follow these rules strictly to make sure you do your survey right and in the prescribed manner so as to claim your reward in the end and to make the survey a useful one.

  • Only DQ’s customers can participate. If in case you happen to be an employee in DQ or a family member of any employee of DQ then you are not eligible to take up this survey.
  • Do enter this survey within 3 days of purchase made in any DQ store. If in case you fail to do so, then your validity to participate will go invalid.
  • Make sure you have enough time to do the survey patiently, analysing each question and providing the right and honest answers.
  • It is also to be noted that only certain DQ stores avail rewards to you, while others will not, even when you show them your valid coupon code. Therefore, find the right store, locate it before it’s too late and go redeem your reward.
  • With each purchase receipt, you can only do the survey once. If in case you want to do the survey again, then you have to make a new purchase and get a new valid survey code. But the entry in unlimited.
  • Do use your coupon code in the next 30 days so as to redeem your reward, else it will become invalid.
  • Apart from these rules, there are also certain requirements you should follow in order to actually carry out the survey and they are:
  • A great internet speed and connection is necessary. Even a normal one should be enough but for a better experience, do have a great one.
  • Have any smart device like your smartphone / Laptop / PC in order to carry out this online survey.
  • Make sure you have a notepad or any piece of paper so as to note the coupon code you receive after finishing your survey. This code is required to redeem your reward in certain DQ stores.

Here is a detailed description about the steps and the procedure involved in finishing the survey.


A procedure is an agenda of steps that has to be followed in order to carry out any event or activity. Now, to finish the survey, you should follow the following steps in the right order, in the right way to finish the survey successfully.

  1. Go to their official survey site: www.dqfansurvey.com and ensure that you have all the required details and items with you.
  2. Now use the survey code which consists of 19-digits. This will be present on the receipt’s top. If in case there is no number like that, then unfortunately, you are not eligible to take up this survey as the store from where you made the purchase does not support or indulge in this survey.
  3. If in case you decide to take up the survey through www.dqfanfeedback.com then you will have to enter a 10-digit code rather than a 19-digit code.
  4. If you have the code, enter it, and along with it, enter the last purchase’s time and date. Even the store’s number is necessary too. Now, you don’t have to search for all these details because it will all be in your purchase receipt itself.
  5. Once you finish entering the basic details, you will actually get signed-up so as to do this survey. The survey consists of a questionnaire or a set of questions for which you should answer sincerely and from your personal experiences.
  6. It’s all about rating and not any paragraph answers. Now, you give a 0 if you do not agree to the question at all or a 10 if you totally do and a 5 [maybe] if you partially agree and partially disagree.
  7. After completing the survey in the most honest way, you will receive a coupon code / a survey validation code that you can use to redeem in any of the nearby DQ store but ensure that the store is actually supporting this survey practice. Do note the code correctly as you cannot get it back once it is lost.
  8. Congratulations. You have successfully completed the survey. Now you can get your rewards as a source of acknowledgment from the DQ Company.

This is the process to be followed to take up this survey. However, if you are actually curious to know about the questions that will be asked in the survey, then here it is, a glimpse or the basic titles about which the questions will be about.


This customer survey is actually to enhance the performance of the DQ stores on an overall basis, therefore their questions will also be related to their performance and other related issues.

  • Quality of service and products offered.
  • Customer’s personal experience in the store, the environment and the hygiene in the store.
  • Efficiency and behaviour of the store’s employees.
  • Any personal comment, either positive or negative can also be included in this feedback.
  • The overall experience in the store should be rated.
  • The dish you usually buy and the reason for it.
  • Even the availability of food in the store, the varieties will all be questioned.
  • The time required to deliver an order and also if it is rightly delivered or not. All these will be asked.
  • Most importantly, the prices of each product will also be questioned so as to see if the customers find the products costly / cheap / moderate.
  • For further communication purposes, customer’s personal information like their e-mail / postal address, mobile number and their name will be asked. However, these personal details will be kept as a secret and will not be disclosed to any others.

Now there you go, if you answer all these and a few more similar questions, then a free Dilly Bar is all yours.


There are cases when the DQ survey does not work, due to certain reasons or of any technological complications. In such cases, you may find it hard or kind of disappointing to not participate in the survey and claim the reward. Sometimes the page may not load due to high-trafficking. However, you need not worry, for, there is always a solution to every problem and the solution here is that, you need to refresh your page a couple of times so as to remove the error of ‘not loading’. To know more about the survey conducted by DQ, the technical support is given by Service Management Group [SMG] and it may be down sometimes due to a lot of users at the same time. Apart from these if you find any difficulties, do contact the DQ customer support services for a solution.

There is also a secret hack in this survey and that is, you can claim more Dilly Bars in the same survey code. This can be done by simply following the usual steps of entering the DQ survey for every purchase you make in the store. When you do this, you will get an additional coupon or promotion as a freebie for each purchase. However, it is important to note that the coupon code is still valid, if it is, then throughout the validity period, you can claim a free Dilly Bar by making new purchases.

Now, how do you actually redeem your coupons or claim your rewards? Let us see the procedure for it.


One of the rewards you get after finishing the survey successfully is a free Dilly Bar. This can be redeemed by following the following steps:

  • Take the coupon code and reach out to the respective store and any DQ store.
  • Make sure you do this within 30 days of getting it so as to have the code valid.
  • Make a purchase in the store and use this code to avail your prize of a free Dilly Bar.

Redeeming your reward is very easy and therefore, do it correctly. However, a free Dilly bar is not the only reward to be awarded to the customers but also some merits like:

  • Be proud of yourself for being one of the reasons for the development of the DQ firm. Even their performance is enhanced leading to more customer satisfaction which is again beneficial for you as well.
  • You will forever be updated about the up-to-date events or any promotions offered by DQ.
  • In short, you will be a great part in improving the efficiency of the DQ firm, which makes you more powerful in that aspect.
  • Apart from the free Dilly bars, certain vouchers can also be won so as to get some Ice-creams, Yogurt cakes, Espresso and more sweets and others, either in discounts or for free.

Overall, this survey is beneficial to both the company and its customers which makes the survey an effective, efficient and a profound one. While the customers are happy and satisfied, the company gains more customers, good name and more sales.


It is important to note the working hours of any DQ store so as to go there either for a new purchase for redeeming your coupons. All the DQ stores work on all the 7 days of a week right from 8.30am till 11pm, which is an ample amount of time to visit the store and treat yourself with its delicacies and rewards / offers.


You can also leave your feedback or reviews or any enquiry by using the following contact details and not necessarily through the survey process.

Mobile: 1-866-793-7582

In case of any enquiries about the DQ survey then contact them at: 1-905-639-1492 / 1-952-830-0200

Postal Addresses:

111 International Blvd,
P.O. Box 430
Burlington, ON L7R 3Y3.
CONTACT: 905-639-1492

7505 Metro Blvd,
Minneapolis, MN 55439-0286
CONTACT: 952-830-0200


  1. DQ survey is unavailable to me, what should I do?

There are a few technical difficulties happening due to huge-trafficking in the survey sites. However, many measures are been started to curb this problem and to ensure that every prospective and interested customer is able to take up this survey with no technical difficulties. Right now, if you are having issues loading the survey page, just refresh it, your problem will be solved.

  1. What is the maximum time limit of the coupon code I received?

The coupon code can be kept without redeeming it for only 30 days after which it will get expired. Meanwhile, if you have not redeemed your reward, then the coupon code is just wasted.

  1. Can the employees of DQ participate in this survey? Or at least their family members?

The answer is a firm NO. The employees or the family members of the DQ employees cannot take part in this customer survey conducted by DQ.

  1. I can claim only one Dilly Bar for free?

With a valid coupon code which runs up to 30 days, you can claim free dilly bars for each purchase you make in the right store.

  1. Does all DQ stores support this DQ customer survey?

Not all DQ stores will give your purchase receipts with the respective survey codes, indicating that it does not support this process or does not give any freebies.

DQ, as its name suggests, is defiantly the Queen of Dairy as it produces one of the finest ice-creams, desserts and even milkshakes. Be a part in developing the firm that aims in increasing the level of customer satisfaction. Do follow the above mentioned rules and procedures and do provide an honest feedback so as to play a major role in affecting the standard and functioning of the DQ firm, positively.

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