official website: Cracker Barrel Customer Satisfaction Survey official website: Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc is well known American gifts & restaurant chain stores that come with a Southern country theme. Cracker Barrel Old Country was founded by Dan Elvis in the year 1969. The first store was inaugurated in Lebanon, Tennessee. Cracker Barrel owns several corporate offices. The reports of September 2018 say that Cracker Barrel manages around 645 stores in 44 states. The Cracker Barrel Inc bloomed to greater heights in the years the 1980s & 1990s. The market value of the Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores reached around 1 billion dollars by the year 1992.

The Cracker Barrel store has got 314 restaurant chains by September 1997. Cracker Barrel chain was built with a focus to develop gasoline sales. The restaurant & gift chain is aiming to gain the interest of highway travelers. Cracker Barrel Survey portal is developed to understand more about the customer’s experience. The survey is open only to United States residents. Cracker-barrel store survey is considered void in other nations.

Cracker Barrel Survey Prize 2020

For anyone taking up the Cracker Barrel sweepstakes, 2020 will get the chance to win a prize that will include Gift Card worth $100 or a Rocking Chair. The survey has got certain rules that should be read before attending the survey. Cracker Barrel Survey will hardly take 10 minutes of your time. This will aid the store chains to improve their services. The participants should be of age 18 years or above to enter the Cracker Barrel survey.

Cracker Barrel Customer Survey Details

  • It is not necessary that one should make a purchase at the Cracker Barrel store to enter the survey. One can attend the survey without making a purchase as well.
  • The entry mode is not restricted to the online mode alone. The entry can be made by mail also.
  • The survey reward given to the winner is either a gift card worth $100 or a rocking chair. It depends on the winner’s choice.
  • The participants of the survey should be of the age 18 years or above. Anyone below 18 years cannot attend the survey.
  • The entry is limited only for online entries. It is unlimited for mail entries. You can make as many entries as you wish by mail. It should also be noted that only one receipt can be used in a week.
  • The survey is available in two languages namely English and Spanish. So the entrants can attend the survey in either of the languages.

Steps To Complete Cracker Barrel Survey

  1. Here are the steps to take part in the Cracker Barrel Survey by Receipt Invite:
  2. Go to the official webpage of the Cracker Barrel Survey.
  3. The first page will have a greeting or welcoming message that will greet the customers.
  4. Choose any of the given languages of your choice. You can either take up the survey in English or in Spanish.
  5. If you select English, you should tap on the “Click Here to Continue in English” button that will be found on the left side of the display screen.
  6. You should start with the survey as a recent customer of the Cracker Barrel Stores. You will need the sales receipt from the store. Enter the 12 digit verification code. This verification code or access code will be printed on the cash receipt.
  7. You should now enter the access code on 4 separate code dash boxes and then tap on the Next button.
  8. The participant of the survey will now have to answer all the questionnaires that are asked in the Cracker Barrel Stores Survey. Answer all the questions in detail.
  9. The participant will have to enter into the Cracker Barrel Stores Survey Sweepstakes. The Sweepstakes will give the participants a golden chance to win awesome gifts and prizes. You can either win a rocking chair or a gift card worth $100.

Cracker Barrel Guest Survey By Mail

  1. Write the details of your name, complete address, age, and phone number on a postcard in your own handwriting.
  2. Then, post the survey via the postcard to the following mail address

Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes,

PO Box 16500,

Rochester, NY 14616.

The winner will win the same prize reward as mentioned above.

Cracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes Rules And Requirements

  • The Cracker Barrel Survey coupon will need proof of your recent purchase at the Cracker Barrel Stores.
  • The participant should have the recent cash receipt that is given in return for the purchase made at the Cracker Barrel Stores.
  • The participant should take part in the survey within 7 days from receiving the receipt. Otherwise, the validation code will become invalid.
  • The participant will need a computer, laptop, or smartphone along with an internet connection.
  • Last but not least, the participant will need some time to attend the Cracker Barrel Stores Survey. One can also report the Cracker Barrel Survey in case any doubt arises.

Www.Crackerbarrel-Survey.Com Homepage

The homepage of the cracker barrel survey has got the greeting or welcoming message to the official Cracker Barrel Survey entrants. The homepage will let you select any of the following languages of your choice: English or Spanish. If you select English, you should tap on the “Click Here to Continue in English” button that will be found on the left side of the display screen. A different page will appear if you select Spanish.

The Official Links To Attend The Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes Survey 2020

You can go to the cracker barrel survey homepage to attend the cracker barrel customer survey at!/1 and you will get a chance to win a $100 worth of gift card or a rocking chair.

The rules of the cracker barrel survey can be read at

Contact Details

The participant can reach out to the Cracker Barrel store by phone at 800 333 9566 to clarify any survey queries or doubts and to make any complaints concerned with the store as well.

Cracker Barrel Sweepstakes Winners

You can request for the winner’s list by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope which contains your request to the following address

Cracker Barrel Survey Sweepstakes Winner List,

PO Box 16350, Rochester,

NY 14667.

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 Final Words

The Cracker Barrel Store has realized the importance of the customers and that is the reason for building a survey portal to record the thoughts of the customers. Analyzing the customers’ thoughts, they can improve on their shortcomings. The customers can also win amazing rewards by attending the survey. So go now to take part in the survey to record your voice about the experience at the store and win amazing rewards.

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  1. Followed the instructions for a survey on the sales slip, and still haven’t found a survey, so I will make my offering in this space.
    I have for yrs., from Ark. to PA, and now Ohio, patronized your store. I like the food, and the coffee, and I like breakfast all day. The pancakes are the best. The wait staff and the management have always been top shelf. One problem for me is the congestion in the store/waiting area. If it is too cold to sit outside(today it was), there is no area for a handicapped person to get out of the way, and no place to sit, and it only takes one person browsing to block an aisle. A second problem is the ladies bathroom door. Because it’s so heavy, my wife being handicapped cannot open it. I feel a bit antsy opening it, not knowing how that will be perceived. Bob Evans, across the highway has automatic doors. Those, a handicapped person can easily manage. Our friends all like CB, but, because of the above two issues we have been visiting other eateries. Today reminded me why we had slacked off.


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