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Bassprosurvey Retailers are the key players in any business forum/industry as they are the connecting agency between the manufactures and the buyers. However, there are numerous retailers who have wide recognition all around the world, which makes the field more competitive and forces retailers to stay updated and efficient all the time. One such famous retail outlet is Bass Pro and currently, it is conducting a customer satisfaction/feedback survey about which this article will be dealt with.



Bass Pro, was the vision of John Morris who established this retailing outlet during the year 1971 at Missouri. Through all these years, Bass Pro has been an expert in dealing with sporting goods, where they mail order them and sell it to the respective consumers. The first catalog of Bass Pro was established or mailed in 1974 and since it has been very efficient and effective in their field of work. This has led to the multi-fold growth of Bass Pro, which now has its outlets all around the world. Another interesting factor about this retail outlet is that their outlets are very welcoming and acts as the base for finding products required for Campaigns, outdoor cooking, and hunting.


However, to stay in touch with their world-wide customers on a regular basis and also to show them that they are listening to their comments, reviews/feedbacks, it organizes an online customer feedback survey which brings the firm and its customers close. This survey also helps the firm to identify its weak and strong points, thus leading to more developments and improvements. In order to encourage their customers to participate in their customer survey, Bass Pro offers rewards for those who take up these surveys.


The main reward that any Bass Pro, the customer would receive after completing their customer feedback survey is a Bass Pro gift card worth $500. This reward will reach the doorstep of the winner in their respective currency. Apart from this information, here is a few other information that you need to know in order to understand this survey better:

  • It is not a mandatory aspect for the customers to make a purchase to take part in the survey.
  • This is an online survey therefore, the only way to participate in this survey is through the online medium.
  • You need to understand that the reward for those who finish their customer survey is free entry to Bass Pro Sweepstakes. Only when you win the sweepstake of Bass Pro, you will be gifted with a gift card worth $500.
  • This reward will be issued in either USD or in CAD dollars.
  • Only when you are a major / only when you are more than 18 years of age you are eligible to participate in this survey.
  • You should also note that you can take part in this survey only once a day as it’s only ‘1 Person per Day’.
  • This survey happens for an entire month. Therefore, each month has a separate set of the survey process, though the basic rules and features remain the same.


The following are the rules and regulations that should be followed sincerely, without any trouble, in order to get this survey done correctly and also to have a great chance of winning a gift card worth $500.

  • Make sure you use the right website to take up this survey. The official website for this survey is
  • You need not make a purchase before this survey. However, you have to option to make one as well but this won’t bring you close to winning the sweepstakes.
  • You need to understand that the amount won cannot be transferred to anyone else other than the one / in whose name the survey was taken. The reward is also a non-substitutable element.
  • If in case, you made a purchase before this survey, you should enter this survey within a week or within 7 days of the purchase, else your entry will be marked invalid.
  • You can participate in this survey only when you are an official resident of any of the 50 US states or of Canada or the District of Columbia [apart from the ones in Quebec].
  • Follow the official procedure or the ones explained in the official webpage to take part in this survey as the entries made through automated scripts & macro are all taken as invalid entries.
  • Make sure your personal information and especially your name and contact details are pitch-perfect as the reward you win will only be transferred to you according to the contact details you enter while registration.
  • It is to be noted that for each household, and for each winner there is only a single prize.
  • If in case you win the Bass Pro survey, then you along with your entire household stand invalid to participate in any of the upcoming Sweepstakes Period Drawings.
  • To register in your mind that this survey requires only your honest and genuine feedback and not deliberately drafted / any false reviews.
  • Most of all, ensure you have a smart device along with a strong internet connection in order to take up this survey via the internet.


There are 2 ways in which you can take up this survey and they are:


In order to carry out the survey along with a purchase you made recently, you can follow the following steps:

  1. Once your purchase is done, you will receive a purchase receipt, which has to be preserved properly as it has the entry code through which you can take up this customer survey.
  2. Now go to and follow the procedure as displayed on the screen. However, you should first select the language in which you want the survey to be held.
  3. You need to register or take up this survey using your purchase receipt within 7 days of purchase.
  4. When you go to their official website, you will be asked to enter your personal and contact details after which you need to enter your purchase code and other necessary credentials. Once this is done and you have signed in, you are totally eligible to take up this survey.
  5. Now all you have to do is to answer the various questions asked to you regarding the quality of the products and services at Bass Pro, and all the other related aspects. Do provide your genuine and honest answers as these answers will define the future behavior of the firm.
  6. Once you finish the survey, you will be rewarded with a free entry ticket to participate in Bass Pro’s sweepstakes. If in case you win this sweepstake, you will receive a gift card worth $500 in USD or CAD.


If in case you did not make a purchase before taking up this survey, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. All you have to do is to go to, choose your desired language, and follow the instructions displayed on your screen.
  2. Now, enter the details asked, make sure they are right or error-free and then click CONTINUE which will make you an eligible participant of this survey.
  3. The survey is all about answering the questionnaire presented before you, with answers that are true to your knowledge and feedback.
  4. After completing the survey you can take up the sweepstakes through which you can actually win $500 worth gift card for free.

These are the 2 different methods through which you can take up this survey. In case any query reaches out to the customer support of Bass Pro.


  • The official website for Bass Pro’s customer survey is @
  • In case you need to refer to the rules and regulations of this survey you can very well do that by going to .
  • In order to take up this survey without a purchase, you can use this website:


Apart from Bass Pro, there are a few other surveys which you might as well take up and win some exciting prizes.

  • Take up Marshall’s customer survey or at least get to know about it and get a chance to win a gift card worth $500.
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  • If you want to win a $100 worth gift card of Five Below,


PHONE: 1 (800) 227-7776


These are the basic details you need to know about Bass Pro’s customer survey. Make sure you participate it keeping in mind all the rules and regulations and also be an honest and sincere person while you give your feedback or the answer to the questions asked in the answer. You should also do your sweepstakes well in order to win the $500 worth gift card. For further details or for any other related query, do reach out to us.

17 thoughts on “Bassprosurvey – Bass Pro Customer Feedback Survey | Win $500 Gift Card”

  1. Katy Texas store, Hunter was the salesperson that assisted me and he did a great job. Just the guy I need to speak with, full of knowledge and very willing to share. Next visti I’ll look for Hunter to assist me!

  2. I went to bass pro in Peoria with a friend. We wanted to buy some shoes and they were out of our size. A lady named Bridgen explained we could order them and not pay shipping. Last week I was in store getting some hunting socks she was their being very helpful. Bass pro is lucky to have Bridgen

  3. I made it this time before you ran out of the item advertised and I made the purchase. Last time I wanted a target thrower ($200.+) I got to the store in the afternoon the ad came out and was informed you had sold out of the item. I questioned that the ad was for 7 days or so and what were you going to tell all the other customer who come in for this item? I was told you only had 3 of them when the store opened and they went right out that morning. I’m a regular at this store, B.A., Ok. I was very disappointed after making the effort to get to the store and finding you had only 3 by afternoon and had no chance for more to come in during the entire run of the ad. Didn’t seem fair to loyal customers. furthermore was told I couldn’t get the item an other way, like on line? In running an ad for an item you should expect an added demand and should have enough of the item to satisfy demand in most cases, certainly more than three.

  4. In July, I bought a Bass Pro Shop gift card from Paypal because two of my relatives said that it was the place to shop. On Aug. 7th, I looked on your Website to check if you had Crosman BB’s for my BB gun and it showed that there were some available. I went to the store and was told that they all gone.
    I want to ask you to please up-date your site daily so that shoppers don’t leave empty handed( Later I bought the BB’s down the road at Walmart.)
    Also, if you could please increase the in-store signage for the first shoppers.

  5. Bass Pro customer survey :
    I just wanted to drop a line an say “What a great job your employee did this weekend :
    I’m 72 and wanting to start deer hunting with a crossbow ,

    I went to the Bass Pro Pyramid on August 7, 2020.
    I found the Crossbow section and ask for the manager of the department .
    The sales receipt says Bingham T , BUT HIS NAME TIM , BIG GUY.

    Tim did an outstanding job helping me.
    He took a lot of time with me , which Bow to purchase, how to use it , all the safety devices, sighted in the bow on the range , and helped me with the other items needed.

    He could not have been and more helpful and polite and patient with me .
    He’s also a good salesman , I spent $2,997.44 on bow hunting gear and that’s a crazy amount of money to bow hunt 😉
    He also gave me a military discount and I appreciated that.

    I just had to say what a great Job TIM did and Thanks for the Military discount .

    Excited and ready to go Crossbow hunting 🙂
    Kelly Dabbs

  6. I was in the Downtown Memphis store yesterday and Marc did a fine job of helping me find fishing waders & boots. Good job Marc!

  7. I have visited, and could not access the survey. We made a purchase on 8/5/2, and I attempted to send a complimentary survey about our experience. The process to do so is set up to discourage people from entering. Is this your intent? Needless to say, I am disappointed in the convoluted manner in which the opportunity to take the survey is designed.

  8. I was just in the Little Rock store and purchased one small item. My ticket has the name “Kelsey P.” as the person who served me. I walked up to her register and simply said, “you open for business”? Never got a grunt, a yes, no etc. just reached for my card. She gave me my receipt and didn’t utter word. My question: What is her problem? it wasn’t caused by me. I stopped at the nearby area that looked like it might have a CSM in it and pointed back to “Kelsey P” and said, “that young lady needs an attitude adjustment”. No comment there either. What’s going on there?

  9. Shopping at Bass Pro Shops in Moncton NB is always fun to do, it’s like a candy store, lots of products to look & find plus the customer service is amazing, helpful, well-informed staff always willing to help out when needed. Will keep on shopping because I enjoy doing so.

  10. mark in fishing was very helpful and considerate. i purchased two reel and one rod. pricing was fair. checkout with mark was quick and easy. will return often.

  11. I was looking for help purchasing a trout spinning rod and reel with some accessories. The young man that waited on me Dylan was extremely helpful and knowledgeable and I feel he was a great service to helping me purchase what I was looking for.


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